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„We believe every paper process is an opportunity“

Darius P. Pallus
Managing Director HAPTIK

At HAPTIK, we’re dedicated to putting users at the center of everything we do. We understand that for solutions to truly succeed on a global scale, they must seamlessly work across different networks. That’s why we’re focused on enhancing interoperability within the logistics industry. We believe that by fostering a harmonized ecosystem and facilitating smooth data exchange, we can drive efficiency and innovation to new heights in the logistics sector.


We Build Services To Optimize Global Supply Chain Efficiency

Welcome to HAPTIK! Discover how we can support your business by helping freight forwarders, carriers and shipping lines to digitize bills of lading in sea freight. With our innovative software and services based on blockchain technology, we automate processes and save time and costs while enabling safer, more efficient, and sustainable operations.


Conducting a thorough needs analysis and developing a tailored strategy and concept for paperless trade.

Electronic Bill Of Lading Software

Requesting a demo to experience our innovative technology firsthand.

Customizing IT-Landscape

Configuration of your IT landscape to seamlessly integrate your blockchain node into your corporate environment.

ebl platform for digital players of the future

Innovation from the port city of bremen

In Compliance with:

  • UK Electronic Trade Documents Act (ETDA)
  • German Commercial Code (HGB)
  • GDPR
  • Anti-trust

Say goodbye to rulebooks. Optimize your business processes and save time and costs with our innovative software. Our software uses the latest technologies like blockchain to issue bills of lading digitally and in real-time. This enables you to operate safer, more efficiently, and sustainably. Our software is easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.


Build For Global Acceptance

Our digital solutions built on the DCSA bill of lading (B/L) standards help ensure global acceptance and adoption of the eBL while simplifying communication between stakeholders. 


What You Get

Haptik empowers logistic partners to issue the bill of lading digitally, enabling them to trade in real-time, while also ensuring increased safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Ultimately resulting im cost savings and a better customer experience.

Legal compliance

HAPTIK meets all requirements of 516 (2) HGB + MLETR, making it the world’s first fully compliant solution for digitizing bills of lading. You can rely on your documents being compliant and secure.

Automation of processes

HAPTIK automates manual processes such as issuing bills of lading, saving time and costs. You can focus on more important tasks and increase your business efficiency and productivity.


With HAPTIK, you can perform processes faster and more efficiently, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. You can save time and costs while providing a better customer experience.


HAPTIK uses secure blockchain technology that ensures the integrity of bills of lading documents and protects against fraud and forgery. You can rely on your documents being secure and protected.


HAPTIK helps to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability. You can make your business more sustainable by implementing environmentally friendly solutions.

Easy operation

HAPTIK is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so you don’t need time-consuming training. You can start using the software quickly and easily transition to digitizing bills of lading.

Partners say about HAPTIK

"Capture data once and avoid transmission errors. Data is immediately available to the parties involved after capture."

"The data can be directly used by the forwarder. Paper is reduced/avoided."

"The possibility of electronic transmission of an OHBL. This accelerates the documentation processes."



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