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HAPTIK is a solution for logistics partners to easily issue digital bills of lading and trade in real-time.

Learn more about the HAPTIK team and our vision to revolutionize the sea freight industry with our innovative technology. We are a dedicated and experienced team of experts who are passionate about digitizing paper-based processes. Our innovative technology helps you save time and costs while enabling safer, more efficient, and sustainable operations.











Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry: Our Quest for a Paper-Free Future

Our vision is to lead the logistics industry into a new era of sustainability and efficiency by making paperless trade a reality by 2030. As a forward-thinking startup, we strive to revolutionize the industry by introducing cutting-edge technologies and becoming the partner of choice for businesses looking to future-proof their operations in a sustainable way.

Our driving force is to provide innovative solutions to our customers that help establish transparent, paperless, and sustainable trade practices and have a positive impact on the environment. Through our expertise and passion for sustainability, we aim to propel the logistics industry into a digital, paper-free future.


Going Paperless: Our Mission to Streamline Logistics Transactions

Our mission is to eliminate the use of paper documents in the logistic industry by 2030 and offer digital solutions that facilitate efficient and sustainable transactions. We are committed to transforming the industry towards eco-friendly, paperless processes, helping our customers optimize their operational workflows and reduce their ecological footprints.

„we embrace digital-first: Clever logistics processes start with a digital mindset.“

Mariusz L. Klimczak
Solution Architect HAPTIK


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Darius P. Pallus

Managing Director


Simon Czapski 

Product Owner


Mariusz l. Klimczak

Solution Architect


Amir Razagh-khah

Blockchain expert


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