haptik at the german american chamber of commerce

Just wrapped up an incredible last week, completing three programs, including an inspiring journey at #Batch14 at VentureVilla Accelerator, #Cohort8 at German Accelerator Kickstart, and the 45th STEP USA Program. Grateful for the experiences and lessons learned. Here’s a quick recap:

📅 Key takeaways from our journey:

✨ Crafting a stronger narrative: Pitching to U.S. investors taught us at HAPTIK the power of compelling storytelling. A special shoutout to Corey Wright and Brian Frumberg for their insights and uniquely positive perspectives. Your feedback has reshaped our approach.

💪 Overcoming pitch tension: As founders, we want to learn and get better and better, but it can lead to high tension. We’ve found a pragmatic method for us—practicing pitching in high-frequency public spaces e.g. at the Wall Street or Broadway, challenging ourselves beyond our comfort zone, and embracing the unexpected—to achieve pitch sovereignty.

🏆 Pitching progress: In just 13 hours, HAPTIK pitched at three events in diverse formats and locations, from a 3-minute live pitch at the German Consulate General New York to a 5-minute virtual pitch at German Accelerator and a 7-minute virtual pitch at VentureVilla Accelerator. It was exciting and crazy at the same time.

🙏 Appreciation to the investor jury: Silvia LupuLylan MastermanRaquel Scott, MBAVidush Jaipuria — your insightful feedback at the Pitch Night in NYC was invaluable. Your expertise fuels our journey at HAPTIK.

🌐 The „Give First“ mindset: One of the aspects we love most about the startup ecosystem is the „give first“ mindset. Whether across the ocean or in Germany, warm intros and network support are guaranteed. A big thanks to everyone who embodies this spirit.


Photo Credit: DWIH New York